Conundrum is another viewpoint of mirror lake. Normally I would not post two images of the same subject in a collection but they both have very different qualities. What I like about conundrum is that at first glance, it looks upside down.  The reflection is so clear and pure that one could possibly hang it upside down and for the most part no-one would notice.  I called it conundrum because it makes you stop, stare, and study it to understand the image.  It’s not until the stump is revealed upon closer inspection of the shadows that the true nature of the image starts to unfold.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of ordering a print, please contact me for details. All photographs are limited to 500 reproductions.

Notes: These are low resolution images and I apologize for the watermark signature on my photographs as I feel it detracts from enjoying the image. However, with the ease of image piracy on-line they are necessary evils.

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