Mattina della Toscana


(Tuscan Sunrise)

High above the agricultural hillsides of the Tuscan countryside sits San Gimignano; an ancient walled city from the 1200’s virtually untouched by time.  I happened to wake early one morning and was greeted by the magical image of the sunrise burning through the morning mists of Tuscany. 

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of ordering a print, please contact me for details. All photographs are limited to 500 reproductions.

Notes: These are low resolution images and I apologize for the watermark signature on my photographs as I feel it detracts from enjoying the image. However, with the ease of image piracy on-line they are necessary evils. You may also want to read my color post as images can be very different from what you see on the monitor. 

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  1. avatar Julie Chagnon says:

    Visited San Gimignano – Aug 2009. Beautiful, beautiful. It was very untouched, no hotels and very little “touristy” things. Saw my first Italian hubby and wife arguing… holy smokes they argued with passion!

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