Driftwood Sunset – Uvita, Costa Rica

Driftwood Sunset

While down in Costa Rica after a day of exploring, Suzette and I went for a sunset beach walk to see if we might catch any late day light. As the sun was setting and we were running out of time I stumbled upon this interesting piece of driftwood with a giant hole through the center. Anytime you have forests meeting the ocean, beaches are bound to be littered with driftwood. What I love about this piece all of the dimension the driftwood contains. The ribs and valleys that really make you study the driftwood itself instead of just enjoying the color of the sunset.

Uvita Costa Rica is about 50 miles from the Panama border and is still sparsely inhabited compared to the northern more touristy areas. Known as a mecca for surfing, many of the beaches are crowded with American youth trying to escape the responsibility of adult life. The towns mainly consist of sea shack bars and restaurants, as well as hostel type hotels. The road to the south has been significantly improved and I would guess that this area won’t keep its 3rd world charm for long.



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