Multnomah Falls – Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Multnomah Falls

The Columbia River Gorge has one of the highest concentrations of waterfalls in the United States and is an amazing place to take a drive and enjoy the sites. Multnomah falls has almost a mythical quality to it with the bridge creating a unique visual experience from the bottom and a great vantage point to enjoy both stages of the falls.

From Wikipedia: …The falls drops in two major steps, split into an upper falls of 542 feet (165 m) and a lower falls of 69 feet, with a gradual 9 foot drop in elevation between the two, so the total height of the waterfall is conventionally given as 620 feet. Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon. It is credited by a sign at the site of the falls, and by the United States Forest Service, as the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States.




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