Peak Worship – Ute Valley Park – Colorado Springs, CO

Peak Worship

On a remote cliff band in Ute Valley City Park life struggles against the elements and rocky soil. I love photographing trees as I feel they have so much personality that is created by their environment. In this picture, I envision the tree taking in the sunset in awe of the “purple mountain majesty” that is Pikes Peak.

Ute Valley Park is a popular city park and a favorite recreation spot for locals in Colorado Springs. The land was originally donated in 1969 to be protected and kept open to the public. At 330 acres it isn’t the largest park in the city but in the peaceful central valley you feel a world away from the city. In 2015 an agreement was reached purchase 200 additional acres from HP snatching it out of the hands of awaiting developers. The resulting 530 acre park will make it one of the larger parks in the City and keep the open spaces for the public to enjoy for years to come.


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