The Black Bike – Cinque Terre Italy


While this bicycle looks like it’s in Asia, it was actually parked underneath a bridge next to a beach in the national (and world) historic region of Cinque Terre Italy. That was what attracted me to this scene was the irony. I love the fact glyph graffiti is not in Italian which gives it that feel.

Why do I have pictures of bicycles in my gallery? I love bicycles. These pictures represent a modern day incarnation of the history of the bicycle for me. While I lust after the whiz bang carbon fiber road bikes and full suspension mountain bikes that are ridiculously priced and ridiculously fun to ride, I love what these utilitarian commuter bikes represent. A way of life. I love the European utilitarian bicycle culture that has evolved from necessity. A simple mode of human transportation that enables people to navigate the narrow streets of compact medieval cities.


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