Iceland Day 1

_PGO2930Long travel day started with a later flight which was nice…at first. I tried Advil PM to force sleep and it just made me groggy
without much success in actual sleep. 6.5 hour flight from Denver taking off at 5pm is not long enough to sleep but with it being a red eye, you are bleary eyed when you arrive. We arrived at 6:30am and were greeted by air stairs to get off the plane. Seriously? In ICE-land? Anyway as I was trying to shake off the Advil PM we stumbled into the duty free store where we bought some beer and wine to have at our stays. When we saw all the local flight crew doing the same, we figured it was a good idea. We had heard food was going to be expensive in general so we tried to prepare appropriately bringing plenty of snacks for the car and buying a few
bottles of wine and beer for evenings. We stayed at the airport to get our bearings and tried to wake up with coffee and food.

Reykjavik was 45 mins from the airport and we drove straight to the hotel. They let us check in early and we decided a nap was in order. An afternoon of walking around the city, lunch at a local recommendation, an interesting history museum about the settlement of Iceland and the trials the people faced in colonizing the land, a cathedral, a church, a walk by the bay to the performing arts center which was quite the building, and we were more than done for the day. Dinner at the Skoggi hotel and bed about 10pm (it was still light).

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