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Long driIceland-Hellnarving day (but many are in our travels). We headed out to Snaefellsnes peninsula in the northwest part of the island (yea, we couldn’t say it either so we just called it the Snuffleupagus peninsula) to see the glacier over there and check out the national park. Apparently this volcano is known in some circles as a mystical place by those of the new age variety so that in and of itself was amusing.


We took the long way around the Hvalfjordur Fjord instead of the tunnel that went under and enjoyed the desolate roads and sights.  Snow capped peaks, quiet coves, rugged cliffs, and waterfalls…. everywhere. We stopped mid-day in Borgarnes which is a quaint tiny town for a fantastic lunch of mussels in curry, soup and salad bar, snapped a couple shots in the town, and continued towards Hellnar.

Not too far out of town we saw some of our first Icelandic horses in the distance and I stopped because 2 of them were going at it. I managed to snap a couple of blurry pics of the 2 that were fighting which I didn’t know how rare that was. Every other horse we saw for the rest of the week only moved to itch itself or get to the next patch of grass…. Damn I wish they were in focus! *sigh*

_PGO2990Continuing our drive we were treated to open countryside views, cliff bands, waterfalls, and lava fields but not much else. I guess we didn’t realize how sparsely populated iceland would be. I mean there are some decent towns by the airport and obviously Reykjavik has a fair amount of people but these country sides feel abandoned. You see houses here and there but there is NOTHING out there. All I can think to myself is do these people drive an hour+ to get groceries?

A few more stops at a lighthouse, a church in the middle of nowhere, and abandoned _PGO3034homestead for pictures along the way. Suzette was completely in love with a rogue sheep we found at the homestead and so I spent more time than I should have trying to get the damn thing to look at me so I could get a picture of something other than his butt. I finally got some shots but pretty sure I pissed him off as he started pawing the ground at me.

We arrived at Hellnar early (official population of 8) and sniffed around, hit a black sand beach in the park, lighthouse, sea stacks, and the hotel restaurant for dinner. After dinner it was still light so we went down to the coast for a walk and to see if there was anything exciting to shoot. Suzette managed to find a sheep to chase around to try to get a picture with but then it turned and started coming towards her and she panicked and ran away. Determined to see Northern lights, I stayed up until midnight and headed out to see if I could see any lights….nothing. However, I set up the camera and took a couple pics just in case.

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