Iceland Day 3

_PGO3130-2Iceland-GoldenCircleStarted in the fog and based on Suzette’s research we re-routed the short way to the north part of the peninsula. Drove through GROSS weather over a pass that was a dirt road and muddled through the fog and rain. The peninsula was gorgeous with random water falls strewn throughout. You can’t believe the waterfalls in Iceland. You see 100+ foot waterfalls EVERYWHERE…and they are in some dude’s backyard….literally. Gorgeous waterfall, check…house that looks not much better than a sinle wide set up at the base of it….check. After a brief tour of the northern part of the peninsula we hit another pass and BAM beautiful sunshine! Mountains must have been blocking_PGO3138 the weather to the north.

We backtracked towards Borgarnes for a quick sandwich and coffee at a gas station type café and took the tunnel under the fjord which was a marvel in and of itself. It cut 2 hours off our drive, and went super deep….ear popping deep. 6km long, 1,000 kroner toll (about 8 dollars) and worth it when you are trying to get from point a to b in a hurry. We skirted Reykjavik and _PGO3171headed to the “golden circle” The most famous driving loop in Iceland.

Our first stop was one of the geologic marvels of the world – the place where the Eurasia plate and the Americas plate meet (and are diverging). There is literally a cliff that is one plate and you can walk between the two and stand on 2 continents at once. It’s really compelling to visit. After a hike and some photo’s, we headed to Gullfoss falls: A giant river falls. We were there just in time to catch the falls in full light and after a brief hike and pictures we headed to the last attraction of the day. Geyser. That’s its name and it is what ALL geysers’ are named after. It blows about every 5 minutes and was pretty spectacular! After visiting some mud pots, colorful pools, and getting a nose-full of sulfur, we headed to the hotel.

Suzette found us a farm stay outside of Selfoss which was one of the bigger towns in Iceland. We checked in and headed to town for dinner per the owners’ recommendation. We had a fabulous meal with a river view and headed back to the stay where I ran around like an idiot chasing horses through horse poop mined fields with my camera and tripod trying to capture last light shots just after sunset. The ironic thing was that after all my running around getting shots, last light lasted another 45 mins at least. A phenomenon I haven’t encountered before. A brief hot-tub and glass of wine and we retired.

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