Iceland Day 4


_PGO3280Iceland-VikAfter a late night of looking for lights I am awoken by roosters…at 3:45 am. Seriously? Wife is giggling every time they crow because she knows it drives me crazy. After a few tosses and turns, a pillow over my head, and some fitful sleep between the cacophony of crowing (I don’t know how many roosters they have but it’s WAY more than 1 and I’m convinced they were conspiring against my sleep) we get up and head to breakfast. The proprietor gives us a tour of the sheep barn to show us some newborn lambs (some that came just that morning and were still red) and we head out.

I am amped! To the southern coast we go. The darkest place with the best chance for lights. We have been shut out
_PGO3248thus far! We stop at a smaller river falls on our way out and settle in with music from my phone blaring. (always remember to bring an “Aux” cable when travelling international….then you aren’t subject to local stations) The drive is over old lava fields and other than some interesting moss growing on the older fields there isn’t much to look at….then came the wind. We are talking hold onto your cattle type wind here people. Our little low profile car was shaking everywhere, waterfalls were falling sideways type wind.

We drove past some interesting sights that we vowed to check out when it wasn’t so windy and we headed to a museum which covered getting around Iceland, and communicating to and from Iceland. They had a huge collection of old phones, old vehicles, and was interesting to see many of my old phones on display….am I really
that old? There was also a nice village of traditional homes so you could see how the settlers lived.

_PGO3229From there we went to the hotel and checked in early, I caught up on a bit of work hoping the winds would die (which they didn’t), and we went out to brave the afternoon. Our tour was mostly driving with brief moments out of the car (and some moments like “oh hell no, we’ll come back later” as we watched dust devils whip across the plains). We stopped at a glacier tongue to check it out and could barely make forward progress through the stifling wind that was blowing against us on our hike. We did about a 20 min round trip hike and I snapped about 5 perilous shots (risking lens pitting from sand in the wind) and checked out Skogafoss waterfall because it looked relatively well sheltered and then decided to have wine at the hotel and head to dinner in hopes the wind would settle. We figured we had until 11pm anyway so there was plenty of time._PGO3264

We had a nice dinner of local fare in the town of Vik and headed out to a peninsula to get a viewof sea stacks at low light. The wind had settled! We snapped a few shots and were looking at all these quirky birds flying around and I said to Suzette “Those look like puffins!” I clambered up to the cliffs and sure enough they were everywhere! I got a few great shots thanks to a borrowed super zoom lens from a friend and we headed back to the hotel after a brief stop to try to find a good subject for last light clouds. I had a long night of working to resolve some client issues and headed to bed late. A quick midnight check for lights and nothing….but the wind was back.


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