Iceland Day 5

_PGO3335Iceland Glacier CoveThe wind howled all night and continued this morning! Damn. We had a long drive to the southeast part of the island through desolate lands.

We started with a revisit to black rock beach to admire the basalt columns and sea stacks before heading out. A brief battle with the gas system in Iceland (they require chip and pin and while our credit cards now have the chip for whatever reason they still don’t assign pin’s yet so we had to buy prepaid cards to use the system).

Lots of slow driving in a buffeting car (Iceland while it’s desolate, they have a 90km speed limit (about 52ish) _PGO3314and speed cameras to tax the people in a hurry.  Lunch at a gas station café which was the only thing around for miles, more wind, more lava fields, some one lane bridges (and we’re talking LONG bridges here like .25 or .5 mile with pull outs), lots of washed-out flat land (which we later found out was from glaciers melting and flooding the area during volcanic eruptions) and off in the distance, huge mountains and glaciers….way off. A couple waterfalls skipped (we said we’d hit them on the way back when it wasn’t windy) and we continued on towards Glacier cove and diamond beach.

I was hell bent on getting photo’s there regardless of the wind so we checked into the hotel, put on all our clothes, and headed to the lagoon for a few shots and found some quiet spots out of the wind. We were amazed at all the life the glacier supports. Seals and ducks frolicking in the lagoon and I got a couple nice photo’s at both locations. While taking some shots on Diamond "Diamonds" on the beachbeach Suzette noticed whales surfacing just off the coast feeding at the mouth of where the glacier meets the ocean. We enjoyed spending some time watching them as well.


Diamond Beach is really cool! Ice from the lagoon washes up due to the currents. The waves then form it into interesting shapes and strip it of all snow and you get these incredible chunks of clear and blue ice sitting on black sand. It’s really a unique spot in the world!

Dinner at the hotel restaurant (was the only restaurant within 45 minutes but food was great) and I dragged Suzette back out to diamond beach at last light to capture some long exposure shots. Worth the trek! There was a photography expedition I had to work around and Suzette hung out in the car but some of my bet shots of the trip came from that adventure.


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