Iceland Day 6

_PGO3445Iceland- GrindavikBuffet style breakfast at the hotel, packed up reluctantly as I really wanted to stay another day to see what kind of shots I could capture at another low light time. We headed to the lagoon and diamond beach for one last visit. The winds were calm and all the ice had totally changed in both locations. Snapped a few shots and spent some time taking in the sights wondering (as I often do) would I ever see this place again? I think the answer here is yes._PGO3417


Started our drive back from whence we came. We stopped at the national park where we learned about the glacial flooding from past eruptions and took a great hike up to a falls that had basalt columns as the backdrop which was great and not crowded. After so many sedentary days in the car, it felt great to get out and stretch our legs!  More stops at a couple waterfalls which were more crowded than we cared for as they were on the main tourist bus routes and a long slog to the southeast part of the island.

Half way back we decided to stop and hike out to a plane fuselage that was crashed out on the black sand beach. We started our hike and about 30 minutes into it we were still hiking with nothing but flat land as far as the eye could see. We stopped some toursits that had their phone with a live location on it and realized we weren’t even half way to the wreck! With time at a premium, we turned and headed back to the car….it was a long walk for nothing! A few more stops to photograph interesting structures, some smaller thermal parks, rifling _PGO3450through our music mixes to try to find a fresh song or two to listen to in the car, our hotel was just up the hill from Grindavik (a small industrial fishing town) and sat in a lava field overlooking Iceland’s main geothermal plant. At this point, this was a positioning hotel for airport proximity and close to the Blue Lagoon which was our grand finale event of our trip. I was slightly annoyed at the setting but ended up finding myself staring at the plant through dinner (which was excellent) fascinated with studying it trying to figure out how it all works. Iceland is very proud of their geothermal energy and is the “greenest” country per capita with all their energy coming from geothermal they have the lowest “carbon footprint” of any country. Also, they provide free energy to their people which is pretty damn cool. We ended the night with our last bottle of wine in the lounge with conversation and fretting of going home to crappy weather in Colorado. The night was supposed to be our best chance for northern lights and we told the hotel to wake us if they came but no call came.

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