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IMG_2132On our (supposed) last morning, Suzette awoke with the vacation blues mostly due to the inclement weather in Colorado so she spent the morning researching delaying our return and ultimately moved our return back a day and saved us money in the process!

We headed to the blue lagoon for a wonderful soak in the mineral rich waters with mud masks and drink included. We soaked for about 2 hours and felt as if we had a great massage when we got out. We were both noodles!

We headed into Grundvik for lunch and ended up at a local restaurant that looked like an authentic Captain D’s. We were the only people in the joint and Suzette had a burger that she hoped was cow while I had my only meal I didn’t care for which was very fishy boiled fish with some potato’s. It was really strong smelling and overall was mild tasting but I wouldn’t get through the whole portion. Much of our reserve chocolate and a few mints went towards battling the taste in my mouth for the rest of the afternoon._PGO3486

We checked out the oldest lighthouse on the coast along with some sea birds on the cliffs and another geothermal park called Grunndavin which amounted to a roiling steam vent. As we were both still feeling mostly “noodleish” we hightailed it to Reykjavik for our new last night in Iceland.

We checked into Suzette’s last minute find of a hotel which was a full 1 bedroom flat in the heart of downtown and headed out to find a bar she IMG_2147wanted to try. Loftid was a bit of a walk down but we were greeted by a quiet happy hour and fun bartender. I had a Budweiser (the original from the Czech republic) and Suzette some wine, we both tried a shot of Brennevin (Icelandic schnapps that is not sweet, more earthy), and we got into a great discussion with a local geologist that was having wine and waiting for friends. We talked about their politics, the bank defaults, their taxes (50% if you make good money), murder rates (2 in 2015), property taxes (10% annually), you name it; we went there. It was really interesting conversation and we learned a lot about the country from a locals perspective. We left our happy hour 4 hours later and stumbled to another bar for a quick bite and it ended up being a Tapas place (my least favorite way to eat as I find you spend a fortune and leave hungry) at The Public House. Food was great and portions were ok but we were done drinking. Back at the flat we retired for the night only to be awoken by techno and partying at 4am….it lasted until 7:30. 7:30! These people are nuts.

The Road Home

After packing we headed to the elevator to leave the hotel and it let us in…..but didn’t move. Press button, nothing. Try to press a different floor…nothing. Hit theIMG_2148 IMG_2150 door open button….nothing. Seriously?!? We hit the call button and fortunately someone answers and she speaks English. After rifling through her Ipad, Suzette finds enough info to tell them where we actually are and they send someone our way. 15 minutes of sitting on the floor trying to keep her from sheer terror (she doesn’t like enclosed spaces) we are out and carrying our stuff down the stairs.

A leisurely breakfast at a local gourmet breakfast/lunch place using every buzz word they can think of from ‘Merica “Gluten free, vegan, spelt, Chicken”. Really? I didn’t know you could make a chicken out of Spelt? We head to the airport. Almost there but I have to fill up the car and we need a specific gas station that accepts the pre-paid card we have. Can’t find one…anywhere. Start combing the nearest town to the airport and we find one thankfully. As I am fiddling with the gas Suzette is looking at the bay and spots Whales! We fill up, and head to a jetty where we are looking over a perfectly calm bay. No sounds but the breathing of whales as they come up for air and loll around. Mother and Calf, and about a dozen other whales…just us, the sea birds, the sea smells, snow capped peaks in the background and the breathing of whales. It couldn’t have been a better end to a fantastic trip.

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