_PGO3055After fully intending to head to Peru for our spring adventure, torrential rains in Houston were going to make flying standby near impossible so Suzette decided to plan a last minute trip to Iceland instead. We are talking it was Thursday (and she had a whole trip planned to Peru) and we were flying out Saturday.

Suzette’s mastery of planning got the job done in one (very long) day. Without much time to research, she did “best guess” planning with a little wiggle room in the schedule and the ability to cancel reservations to make sure we could adapt after we got there.


Iceland is not ice. In fact, other than the glaciers which cover probably 15-20% of the land the climate is much more temperate than I would have thought: It’s like Seattle and the big island of Hawaii had a baby and forgot to add a touch of summer.

There are oceans of lava fields that you drive through_PGO3469
in different parts of the land. There are huge fields of sediment that are left from floods caused by volcano’s melting glaciers and wiping out everything it their paths. That is
contrasted by gigantic glaciers, active volcano’s, fjords, tranquil ocean bays, mountain ranges, more waterfalls than you have probably ever seen. It is a sparsely populated countryside (only about 330,000 people in the entire country) full of livestock, hay fields, and Icelandic horses. They have fantastic fresh water right from the tap and fish is their traditional food resource. The people are incredibly friendly and hard working. Icelanders are no-nonsense, utilitarian people and it shows in everything from architecture to food. We had some great meals but if you ended up in a small town and ate at a local place it was no frills. Food is very expensive but high quality (even the meals we had at gas stations were overall very good) and there was surprising access to fruits and veggies considering most of that is imported. Lodging was relatively reasonable, clean, but no frills. The locals party hard and don’t even hit the bars until midnight. We had personal experience with neighbors in our accommodations keeping the party going with techno and dancing until 7:30am.

_PGO3323What a trip! Iceland surprised me. I was expecting to like it but not love it. I am looking forward to going back when the days are shorter and I have a better chance of getting northern lights pics and sunrise and sunset shots that weren’t at 4am – 10pm respectively. Also, Looking forward to exploring the western Fjords and potentially having a camper van to hang ‘on location’ for first light and last light.

There will be 8 total posts including this one highlighting our days that we were in Iceland with stories and images (and even a video) to go along with the stories. I hope you enjoy them.

A note from the Photographer: It would be impossible for us to explore so many different areas in such a short time and obtain gallery quality images of all these areas. To obtain what I feel are gallery images, one must really absorb the area, find the perfect setting, and then wait for the right light. While I was in the right place at the right time on a couple different occasions and to obtain some gallery images, most of the images I have shared are to help share our trip with you. I hope you enjoy them and our stories!

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