Willows And Lillies

This image was taken in the Japanese portion of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC. I love the opposition of the willow branches reaching for the water while the flowers are reaching for the sky.  It was just one of those passing shots you take and don’t think much of. However, when I saw it large, I instantly fell in love with the soft lines and gentle tones.  The subject is (obviously) reminiscent of the famous Monet gardens and this image somehow has the same feeling to me as one of his paintings.

The Butchart Gardens are nestled in the heart of Victoria, British Columbia.  Originally started as a pet project of Jennie Butchart; the wife of prominent cement mogul Robert Pim Butchart. More of an oasis than a gardens, this property was an exhausted limestone quarry, that started its conversion in 1909 into the amazing gardens that it is today. Different areas of the gardens have different themes such as Japanese tea garden, Italian garden, and rose garden. This garden is owned and managed by descendants of the Butchart family.  Now a national treasure, the gardens are a major tourist attraction and source of pride for the island of Victoria.

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Notes: These are low resolution images and I apologize for the watermark signature on my photographs as I feel it detracts from enjoying the image. However, with the ease of image piracy on-line they are necessary evils. You may also want to read my color post as images can be very different from what you see on the monitor.