Guiding Light – Point Cabrillo Lighthouse In Fog – Mendocino California

Guiding Light

The Point Cabrillo lighthouse was first lit in 1909 in response to the treacherous sea passage that lumber shippers experienced in trying to fuel the building boom in San Francisco in the late 1800’s on. The light is visible from 13-15 miles and originally was powered by a Kerosene lamp which was replaced with an electric bulb in 1935. It is significant as it’s only one of 3 British built lenses in current operation in the US.

The story behind this photograph is that I was trespassing after hours to get this lit shot when the caretakers arrived. After a brief discussion/reprimand for being there after hours (and a donation to the lighthouse fund), not only was I permitted to keep working on my exposure but the caretaker offered to turn on all the lights inside the lighthouse to get the shot of the lighthouse fully illuminated in the fog and also provided suggestions for different angles to consider.

Colorado Springs Rainbow

One of many beautiful afternoon rainbows that adorn our city.

One of the beautiful by-products of afternoon storms in Colorado Springs are the frequent and vibrant rainbows we see on a relatively regular basis.  I happened to be in the right place at the right time yesterday (8/5/11) to catch this stunner that situated itself directly over our downtown.

Here’s a closeup shot of the same scene.

Looming Storm

Storms on the high desert landscapes of Colorado come in fast and furious. These storm clouds were photographed just outside Southpark, Colorado on a cool fall evening in 2010. The body and color of the clouds create a palpable sensation as they envelope the landscape.

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